30% Off Classical Guitar Lessons

30% Off Guitar Lessons for Three Months

Fingerstyle and classical acoustic guitar lessons are taught at our Apple Valley location. Both acoustic and electric guitar, and other styles, are taught at our Lakeville location.

Beautiful Examples of Fingerstyle/Classical Guitar Music::

Example 1

Example 2

Terms and requirements for this discount:

  • 30% off the monthly tuition rate on the day of registration. Discount is good for the first 3 months of lessons.
  • Minimum student age: 10 years.
  • At the Apple Valley location, a parent or guardian must attend lessons given to minors.
  • Fingerstyle/classical students will learn to pluck the guitar’s strings with the right-hand fingers, rather than a pick.
  • Fingerstyle/classical lessons include extensive chord training is provided, but strumming chords is not taught except as an occasional special effect. Strumming is taught at the Lakeville location.
  • An ACOUSTIC steel or nylon-string guitar is needed for fingerstyle lessons. A nylon-string guitar is required for classical lessons.
  • For the best learning results and musical enjoyment, the student’s guitar should be in good condition; no buzzing, warped necks, stays in tune, and fresh strings. If not, at the Apple Valley location, one will be provided during lessons, as taking lessons with a poor-sounding or defective guitar is not productive.

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