If You Want to Play Popular Music on the Guitar

We have two guitar teachers; the idea behind this page is to describe their different approaches and offer you a choice.

At the Apple Valley location, we teach primarily chord-melody solo style for popular music. This involves learning to play the melody of each song plus full/partial chords and a bass line (layers). As a result, what you perform on the guitar is recognizable to you (and others) as the original song.

To prepare for this, in the early stages of these lessons, you learn how to read guitar music along with easy, fun melodies and fingerpicking pieces. The books we use gradually introduce more complex fingerpicking, until you’re ready to play multiple layers at once.

Secondarily, we teach the basics of chord strumming for those who want to sing or hum pop tunes along with their guitar playing, or accompany singers. This process takes about two months.

The second teacher, nearby in Lakeville, uses an easier approach with less emphasis on chord-melody soloing. However, he’s well-versed in teaching fun riffs and chord progressions from pop music that utilizes the guitar.

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