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Our mission is to fulfill your dream of playing the piano or guitar beautifully, to share the joy of learning music, and develop the full artistic potential of every student.

The Academy is located in Apple Valley, Minnesota, near the intersection of Pilot Knob Rd. and County Rd. 42

We Help Young Beginners Become Musical Artists. Below is an Example.

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Above is a photo of an actual student in our main studio, where all new students receive their lessons. The instrument pictured is a Hallet & Davis acoustic grand piano. The studio also has a high-end Kawai CA-98 digital piano with a “Grand Feel II” key action and acoustic/wooden soundboard, for a touch and tone remarkably close to an acoustic grand.

The two pianos allow students to gain experience with digital and acoustic instruments. Most notably, every piano student should be exposed to the unique, “full-featured” key action of a grand. And, when necessary, the extra piano allows the teacher to play the for the student without moving them out of their seat, perform a duet part, etc.

The advantage is of the high-end digital as a lesson instrument is always being perfectly in tune. In case of acoustic pianos, their single-note unison tone quickly degrades after a fresh tuning.

The main studio also has a large, comfortable couch for seating family members, a desktop computer that runs music education software and games, a MIDI connection to the Kawai piano for interactive keyboard software, PreSonus recording studio monitors (speakers) for audio, tablet computers, hot and cold beverage stations, and colorful, instructive posters to remind students of musical basics.

It is one of multiple rooms in an entire level reserved for piano and guitar teaching.

For information on Piano or Guitar Lessons at our Apple Valley studios:

Call or Text 952-322-4329

Academy Calendar

If you’re ready to sign up for lessons, please click the appropriate link below:

Register for Piano Lessons

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This student graced us with a beautiful video performance, recorded on our grand piano (described below). Within a year, she advanced from easy “white-key” child pieces to the sophisticated classical miniature you’re about to hear.

Top 10 Reasons to Take Piano or Guitar Lessons from Us

  • Our studio has produced professional-level performers and college scholarship winners.
  • Free prizes and incentives that motivate younger students to practice.
  • Free hot and cold beverages, including premium-quality espresso, cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Free Wi-fi access for smart phones and tablets.
  • Free custom learning materials for piano created by our head teacher, that you can’t find in stores or on the Internet.  These include sheet music, piano/guitar exercises scale and chord charts, and music theory handouts, which are not available in stores or on the Internet. As a result, you save money on yearly learning materials.
  • Free abridged (not simplified) arrangements of concert piano music, so you can sound like a pro without spending months learning long pieces.
  • Catalog of rarely played/published piano music treasures you can download for free from the Internet. Many offer children the opportunity to play classical music without being overwhelmed by technical difficulties.
  • Comprehensive musical training that includes technique, musicianship, interpretation, theory, and ear training.  We also offer a course in composition, arranging and improvisation for advanced students.
  • Piano flashcard software, written by our head teacher, that features testing in all major and minor key signatures, accidentals, 8va, intervals and chords.
  • Piano skill testing by conservatory grade level upon request.

What’s the Difference Between an Acoustic and a Digital Piano?

Know the True Costs Associated with an Acoustic Piano Before You Buy One for a Student

Lesson Formats and Studio Information

We offer lessons in person at our studios, and remotely with FaceTime or Zoom. We are located in Apple Valley, MN near the intersection of Pilot Knob Road and County Road 42. Studio hours are 8 AM to 8 PM Monday-Friday, 9 AM to 3:00 PM Saturday-Sunday.  Closed Fridays during the Summer Session.

A home musical instrument, as specified in the links “What Piano Should I Buy” and “What Guitar Should I Buy”, is required for lessons.

A Window into Our Music Studios

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If you want to play popular music on the guitar, click here.

If you want to play Classical/Spanish guitar, click here.

Getting Your Guitar in Shape for Lessons

Lesson Formats

Standard lessons are private for a single student, 30 minutes per week.  Longer sessions for two siblings can be scheduled at a discounted rate for the second student.

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Artist-Quality Classical Guitars for Sale

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