What Do Lessons Cost?

To maintain competitive confidentiality, we do not publish our exact lesson rates on the Internet.  However, as a quick reference, present customers tell us our rates are average for a full-time professional music studio.

For a fast quote, please call 952-322-4329. Or, you can text the following information:

  1. The name of the parent/guardian
  2. The age of the student
  3. The student’s instrument: indicate piano or guitar.  For guitar, tell us the type (acoustic steel-string, acoustic nylon-string, or electric/amplified)
  4. The style of music the student wants to learn (pop, rock/lead, classical, blues, jazz, etc.).  Providing a few examples of song titles with the name of the composer or artist is also helpful.

You should receive a reply to your text within a few hours. 

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